Step 7 – On completion of your integration

Once the above steps have been covered, be sure to follow the recommendations outlined below:

  • Configure the elements described in steps 4 and 5 in your test ecommerce website, taking the recommendations indicated in the section regarding the sandbox mode of the payment button, to enable a test environment against testnet.
  • Perform tests with this button, using the testnet faucet to make the corresponding payments. You can test with all enabled cryptocurrencies.
  • Enter the Merchat CMS (described in step 6) from sandbox mode and validate that the transactions you carry out are reflected in the Invoices option and in the general dashboard on the home page.
  • Review the result of the callback (described in step 5) to condition the validations that you must perform in your ecommerce, based on the messages that you will show to your customer and the considerations for the release and dispatch of the products related to the sale.