Step 6 – About API key generation and payment button sandbox mode

Generating an API Key from Merchant CMS:

  • Open the Merchant CMS at the indicated address and with the username and password created and validated for CryptoBucks
  • Once on the Home Page, select “Developer Option” on the left sidebar



  • In the “Access Tokens” section, press the button with the “+” sign to create a new key


  • You will need to enter the following related information:
    • Token label: a name that identifies the token
    • Duration (seconds): the validity time of the token (it is recommended to leave this field empty, which represents the infinite value)
    • Webhooks URL: optional parameter in which an address can be configured to allow webhooks
    • Accept the terms and conditions of the portal


  • Once these steps have been completed, the token will be visibly generated. It should be copied and stored in a safe place. Once the button “I have saved this token” is pressed, this value will not be displayed again.


About payment button sandbox mode:
You have the possibility to generate a test token for the sandbox mode of the payment button. To do this, you must enter the URL (Merchant CMS in sandbox mode) with a username and password that will be given to you by the CryptoBucks technical team, and follow the previous steps. The test token will always start with the words “Key_dev_” while the productive token willalways start with the words “Key_prod_“. Please contact CryptoBucks technical team for details and Schedule of this tests.