Step 1 – Register in CryptoBucks app

Register in the Cryptobucks app as a merchant and upload all the associated documentation. Wait for the approval of the account and credentials to enter the mobile application and the CMS (

Register steps:


  • Enter the basic data, accept the terms and conditions, and press “Continue”. An email will be sent to the address indicated with a PIN for register confirmation


  • Once the PIN is received, you must enter it in the app, to continue with the profile filling process, which has four phases: banking info, ID info, officer info and business info


  • Once the upload of the documents associated with the four mentioned phases has been completed, the merchant must wait for the approval of their credentials, which will allow them to use the app for transactions and enter the merchant CMS for more details.

Entering the Merchant CMS



  • Upon entering the main page, you will be able to see a summary dashboard of the behavior of the transactions carried out through your payments button and some stats related
  • On the left sidebar, you Will found some interesting options:
    • Developers options: allows you to generate the Access tokens for the test (sandbox) and production environments of the payment button
    • Profile: allows you to set some basic business data such as: Business Type, Business Address, Phone Number, City, State and ZIP Code, in addition to uploading an image associated with the profile
    • Invoices: Where you can observe the activity of the merchant through the payment button, perform searches and observe the detail of these transactions
    • Crypto button styles: where you can see the alternatives availables for the payment button layout to use in your ecommerce