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icon date23rd Aug 2020

What to Look for in a Bitcoin Payment Processor

With the price up once again, awareness of Bitcoin has never been higher. Mix that with people’s rising distrust of banks, and the desire to minimize physical contact due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the demand for crypto payments has never been greater. If you’re considering accepting Bitcoin and other crypto payments for your business, you may be wondering where to start.

What is a bitcoin merchant account?

A bitcoin merchant account enables merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin. They can accept payments from anywhere in the world, via their website, email, or in person at point of sale.

What to look for in a Bitcoin payment processor

Thinking of getting started? Here are some things to look for in your search for the best Bitcoin payment processor:

That they are a legitimate, reputable company

While there are many tech startups emerging in the crypto space, many have no previous experience with managing a portfolio of thousands of merchants or complying with all current federal regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules. With that said, it’s important to partner with one that understands and adheres to all compliance rules and laws.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin merchant account, CryptoBucks is an experienced, well-known, and reputable provider in this space. Our mobile app was developed and powered by Aliant Payments, a leading payment processor since 2003. Aliant became one of the first payment processing companies to offer merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments in September 2017, and it continues to pioneer the payment processing landscape.

Reasonable processing fees

Nobody likes paying higher fees than they need to, and why should they? Here at CryptoBucks, we are currently offering merchants their first 90 days of crypto processing transactions free-of-charge, with no monthly fees, no contract, and no termination, with the option to cancel at any time. It doesn’t get any better than that!

High risk capability (if applicable)

If you are considered a high-risk merchant, you will want to partner with a Bitcoin payment processor that is experienced in working with these types of merchant accounts. Here at CryptoBucks, we are proud to work with high risk merchants and provide them with flexible terms and conditions. We work with merchant in industries that include, but are not limited to, gaming, online gaming, e-commerce, adult entertainment and novelties, high ticket items (cars, motorcycles, boats), sports betting, and more.

Debit and credit card processing capabilities are a HUGE plus

If you’re looking to accept Bitcoin payments, chances are you also accept credit and debit cards. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you rather work with a crypto payment processor that can also handle your credit card processing? In addition to offering the CryptoBucks crypto payment app, Aliant processes credit card, debit card, and automated clearing house transactions for over 8,000 merchants worldwide, with annual card volume totaling $1 billion.