05 / 12 / 21


Pokemon lands in the crypto world


The crypto industry is full of adventure and unique offerings. The credit goes to its decentralized and generic architecture that lets anyone create (literally) any use case on top of this technology. This article would particularly be fascinating for the people born in the 90s as Pokemon used to be a pretty hot topic at their time.

So now that Pokemon has landed in the crypto world, it is important and rather interesting to realize how everything started in this microniche. Basically, when CryptoKitties was rolled out, it clogged the Ethereum network due to its skyrocketing usage and that’s when everyone realized that the business of “collectibles” is huge and is evenly appreciated by the market as well.

As a result of this realization and in an attempt to engage Pokemon lovers, we now have an Ethereum-based game called Etheremon, which is quite similar to CryptoKitties, and here is what you can do with it:

  • Users can trade Pokemon characters and build their strengths over time, thus allowing them to charge a premium as well, where each character can have an array of weaknesses and strengths
  • Apart from playing the game, users will be able to “own” the characters and different assets. Moreover, since it’s backed on blockchain technology, the ownership of each asset will be proved as well
  • It is worth noticing that since all characters (aka mons) are not the same, few of them have only 2-3 instances in the entire game and this leads to high pricing due to the demand and supply gap. Thus, providing different streams of incomes to the users
  • What sets Etheremon apart from its mainstream competitors is that each character can be trained a specific set of skills as well, thus making them “stronger”. The more they play games, the more experienced they become
  • Once a character has trained to a minimum threshold, it can start “laying eggs” on the platform, which also have respective values, inherited from the parent
  • While all basic characters are available on their trading platform, some advanced characters that fall in the category of Form 2 and 3 are only available via evolution (i.e. when a characters lay eggs after getting mature) and this is what makes them even more scanty – thus, driving the value as well

It is pretty obvious that although the game is quite similar to CryptoKitties, it is more engaging as the players do not just have to collect the assets. In fact, the experience is more engaging (with training the characters, breeding, and exchanging them) and the aim is to have all characters and become the Pokemaster.

Apart from this, the game also provides random encounters where you can collect Mons (i.e. Pokemon characters) with Pokeballs. To buy Pokeballs, you need to make a purchase at an in-game store for a minimum of 0.005 ETH. However, these low-priced Pokeballs do not guarantee that you would be able to capture Mons, so if you need that guarantee, it is best to go for 0.15ETH Pokeball.



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