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Electronic Transaction Association embraces cryptocurrency with new Crypto Committee

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Electronic Transaction Association embraces cryptocurrency with new Crypto Committee

CryptoBucks CEO Eric Brown and Checkout.com CCO Bradley Riss to co-chair ETA’s largest ever committee


FT. LAUDERDALE, September  09, 2022 The Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) created a new cryptocurrency committee dedicated to helping their members and the industry as a whole embrace the opportunities crypto provides. The committee will be chaired by CryptoBucks CEO Eric Brown, who has over 20 years of experience in the payments industry and over 5 years in cryptocurrency and Checkout.com Chief Commercial Officer Bradley Riss, who has over 15 years in tech, SaaS and omnichannel payments industries. 

“Creating this committee is a clear signal to the payments industry and the world that the Electronic Transactions Association is ready to embrace crypto as an important element of the payments ecosphere.” said Brown, “We have nearly 100 ETA members registered, making this one of the largest committees within the association, which shows the industry is moving into the future of payments, welcoming emerging technology to advance adoption of cryptocurency.”

The ETA Crypto Committee will move beyond the traditional committee meeting format to provide hands-on experience and use modern communication tools to host articles, provide resources, and engage in real-time info sharing and interaction.

The committee will kick-off September 13 with a 10-week immersive experience to build in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and its application in the payments industry. This hands-on experience will allow members to become immersed in crypto, blockchain and the tech that is powering the economy of the future. The goals of the committee are to:

  • Educate the electronic payments community on cryptocurrency options.
  • Provide an immersive experience with downloading a wallet and crypto interaction.
  • Anticipate emerging markets to help the payments industry staying ahead of the curve on technology, research and development.
  • Demonstrate the utility of crypto in the payments industry.
  • Stay competitive amidst this major economic disruptor to help the payment industry stay current and relevant throughout this dynamic financial revolution.
  • Develop payment industry leaders who will guide policy and practice for the entire field to embrace the future of crypto as it occurs.

The ETA Crypto Committee will launch the week of September 12 with a 10-week immersive designed to help members of the payments industry become fully immersed in cryptocurrency.  

10-week Immersive Outline

  • What is cryptocurrency? A general overview
  • Your crypto wallet: Download a digital wallet and begin interacting with crypto
  • How does it work: Backend understanding of the tech
  • What is blockchain? Understanding decentralization defi
  • Blockchain application: Opportunities and different types in decentralized data
  • Major coins(Bitcoin and Ethereum): Mining, movement and more
  • Alt-coins and Stable coins: Coupling crypto currency with fiat currencies
  • Developing regulations: Looking ahead at the unfolding regulatory and compliance landscape
  • Crypto payments IRL: Integrating into your current portfolio of clients and ISVs
  • NFTs, web3 and the metaverse: Adjacent tech and how crypto intersects

Descriptions for each session can be found online at [INSERT LINK]. The ETA Crypto Committee will develop ongoing meetings and create working groups on web3, the metaverse, NFTs, regulation or other topics once the immersive has concluded. 

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